All you need to know about EICR

What is the meaning of an EICR?

EICR stands for ‘Electrical Installation Condition Report’. It was previously known as ‘Fixed Wire Testing’.

An EICR is when your electrical installations is tested by a ‘skilled’ person to ensure they are safe and they will not cause any fire risks or electric shocks.

Is an EICR mandatory?

It depends on what the EICR inspection is for. EICRs are mandatory for some buildings, but not all of them.

Commercial Landlords:

An EICR for a commercial building like a shop, factory or office does not have to be carried out by law however If you own a business, office or a rental property, you have a legal responsibility to ensure employees, customers and tenants are kept safe.

Domestic Landlords:

The laws regarding electrical checks for landlords changed in April 2021. If you are based in England, any tenancy has to have a valid EICR certificate, which must be renewed every five years or change of tenancy whichever is the soonest. EICR inspections are therefore required by law for rental properties and HMOs in England in order to protect tenants and their possessions. 


Remedial works following an EICR?

Remedial work is any work identified that needs to be carried out after an EICR inspection to make your building safe.

The exact process and timescale depends on whether you are a commercial landlord or residential landlord.

EICR for commercial properties

If you are getting an EICR inspection carried out for a commercial property (for example an office, factory or school), you must carry out any repairs promptly. You aren’t bound by the 28-day deadline that rental properties are, but you do have a duty of care to get repairs carried out as soon as possible.

Your insurance company may request to see the EICR report and any written confirmation of work in the event of a claim.

EICR for rental properties

If you are getting an EICR done for a rental property, you must carry out repairs within 28 days of the initial inspection (or sooner if the report specifies it). 

We will provide written confirmation that they have completed the work. You must then supply this to your tenants and local council if requested to do so within 28 days of the repairs being carried out.